Information about construction

We understand that the Harmony Link construction works may cause inconvenience to residents and landowners, and we are making every effort to minimize it. Our goal is a cooperation and mutual understanding to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. We regularly contact residents, elders, and communities in whose neighbourhoods the Harmony Link will be built and operate. If you have any questions related to activities in the Harmony Link protection zones, you can reach out via general contacts:


Phone: +370 707 02 171


Phone: +48 887 778 992

Harmony Link construction and operation works

During the construction of the Harmony Link, professional contractors hired by Litgrid and PSE through public tenders will excavate trenches, install decking, lay cables, etc., along the planned route of the link, which will cross private landowners’ plots. All works on the interconnector shall be carried out within the course and the protection zone defined in the spatial planning documents.

Underground electricity cables cause short-term inconvenience to landowners. According to the current rules, contractors will clean up the landowners’ land after completing the interconnection: they will restore the surface of the land damaged by heavy machinery and remove the soil. Once the earthworks are completed, the ground level must be the same as before the works started or changed according to the structure’s design.

Once Harmony Link is operational, the interconnector will be subject to an annual inspection and, if necessary, repairs. If the link inspection reveals the need for tree felling, excavation, etc., the contractor must obtain the written consent of the owner of the land to carry out such works.

If you are inconvenienced by our activities or those of our contractors, please be sure to contact Litgrid () or PSE ().

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